Oldje Reviews


The Oldje’s models are all glamorous cute girls from Europe. We usually expect such girls to get banged by jock-looking dudes with big cocks. Well, the Oldje offers exactly the opposite! Since the Oldje has been online it was providing hardcore age gap pornography for those who were looking for that kind of stuff. In the most recent years, the Oldje has gone through some changes that we could call an upgrade: it looks better, works better… and the video quality has increased a lot.


The Oldje is a kinky porn website, which grants you access to videos featuring old blokes having sex with cute girls. This pairing in porn is not rare, but if it’s not done properly it looks bad. Fortunately, though, the guys behind this site know the drill, and when we revisited the Oldje for our actual review, we were quite glad to see that the quality, both in the manner of video resolution and camera handling had increased a lot.

As a hardcore porn provider, the Oldje launched in the early 2000’s, and it has been updating regularly since then. Though the updates are not coming too frequently, there are two major pluses for them: they are all exclusive videos, made only for this site; and the latest videos are all in HD.


You have probably enjoyed dozens of sexual fetishes on the virtual platform. Even though the porn world has treated as to treat us to many sexy encounters, the right sight of fresh-faced hottie getting down and dirty with a big, horny old cock is not something that you will be able to forget easily.
There are plenty of adult sites that focus on the action of this nature but the name comes as close to the level of entertainment that you will get from Oldje. Yes, this uncommon site name comes with uncommon sexual experiences.


There is something that will always attract you about old, dirty men who only seek pleasure and satisfaction from fresh faced beauties. They are disgustingly appealing and you will want to find out what lies beneath the layers of horniness that they exhibit.
Luckily, you do not have to look far to find to enjoy these old cougars in action, on Oldje, they will welcome you into the world of pleasure. When it comes to getting wet, tight pussies getting fucked hard, the nubile hotties on this platform do not have any fear or favor. They give their ‘cookie jars’ up to the first Oldie that they see, and as expected they willingly receive all that is handed to them.


You will get a pool of porn when you will start to surf the internet. Except this you will also be able to watch the sex movies by buying the various X-rated CDs, DVDs and other disks which are available in the market. Mainly these movies focus on the matter where the beautiful girls get fucked by some hot dude.
Watching the usual sex movies can bore you sometimes, so you can easily try something new which is also very exciting. Believe me; this is so exciting that you will not be able to avoid those even for a single moment. The site, where you can get all these sex videos is very popular with the name of Oldje. All the guys who will be in front of the screen of your device are very active in spite of their age issue. The girls who have performed in this website are very pretty and attractive and they will never let you feel down.


Once I got to the front page, I was really surprised, because the site was done in such a way that its design alone will leave you gaping, even before looking at the content itself. The black background is only a start, as when you start scrolling, you see a lot of images and scenes, all laced in a golden line decorated with flowers and similar details of a naturist look, giving it a very beautiful shade.
The girls and the old dudes stare at you, all of them happy and pleased that the action is going on. The videos themselves are in a different section, all sorted by a few filters like popularity, rating or the date they were added on.


A beautiful woman, when getting drilled by a dude produces a very eye-pleasing scene to watch and there is no space to argue for it. Sometimes it is very depressing to watch the typical sexual activities where the hot chicks get fucked by some tender aged male. You will not get anything new or exciting in this so it’s better to watch something different which can titillate you as well as your cock. If ever you feel aroused then you must get the point that you are craving for sex. I prefer to watch the old guys fuck the girls who are not fully matured regarding age. I can suggest you a website which is famous with the name Oldje.
Here you will find the guys who are ripe aged but still enthusiastic about making love. Though they have wrinkled skin and grey beard they do not have less energy to increase your sexual desire. This website has become more updated regarding designs and features and the flicks are reformatted.


Class Media is an extremely respectable company in the Adult Entertainment Business, with more than eight years providing high-quality porn. They have a simple yet interesting philosophy of making classy, elegant porn to not only to make you jerk off, but to truly enjoy the settings, performance of the actor and the final product of videos and images.
Oldje is elegant, has an extensive library and only provides the best materials for their customers. The male actors are all above their 40’s, so there is some mature and male granny action well performed to please the niche. Over five hundred exclusive videos and thirty thousand photos will be find in Odlje’s archives. With more than three hundred different models, there is much diversity in Oldje’s product to make you stay a long time before you seem all it has to offer.


Before you start thinking that with each passing year your chances to get yourself some tight, young pussy decrease, be sure to take a look at those middle-aged men that get really lucky at Oldje. Yes, these men are old, often have big bellies and wrinkles all around their bodies, not even their cocks are above average, but still, they have the charm that makes them irresistible to a bevy of smokin' hot women. It looks like there's always some hope to bang gorgeous 20-something babes, just a little bit of luck and a stiff dick are all that you need and it doesn't matter that you're twice as old as the girl that you're about to fuck. Oldje revolves around 'old & young' fetish and presents you with the classiest and probably some of the most entertaining hardcore scenes that fans of the niche wouldn't want to miss out on!


I really enjoyed my visit to Oldje. This site has some beautiful European porn stars engaged in some of the nastiest old and young sex that you will ever want to see. And it does it without pulling any punches or making any excuses. Just really, hot hardcore action that just about anyone could enjoy.
Not to mention the fact that the quality of the content is also pretty good and that it comes with some nifty bonus sites. Members of this site get access to 3 cool bonus sites. These are Nude Art, Class Blowjob and Class 3Some.


There is no arguing about it. Pretty, young girls getting naked and getting fucked is sexy. Now, sometimes seeing all those buff young men fucking these hot girls gets depressing. You look nothing like that and you doubt that lovely young thing would let your cock anywhere near her. Well, you don't have that problem on Oldje because all the guys are old, wrinkly and, well, let's just say they're not pretty boys.
The rest of the network brings you three sites, Class 3some, Class Blowjob and Nude Art, with equally beautiful babes to peruse - minus the old fogies. With so much interesting site-specific content, you don't really need anything to bulk it out though. Oldje is an interesting mature site, where the girls are young and hot and the guys are old and wrinkly.


Oldje has been pairing beautiful young girls with greybeards since 1992 and has staked their claim as "the #1 old and young site". There aren’t any sample videos on the preview pages, but there are plenty of explicit photos that show teenage girls enjoying the experienced ecstasy of fucking an older man. When you join this site, you get a membership to the entire Sensual Girl Group, which includes Oldje as well as 3 other sites — Nude Art, Class 3Some, and Class Blowjob. You can choose which one to enter as soon as you login.


They offer exclusif content from a niche that is not well represented. They add about one new scene per week.
Almost 380 scenes to download.
The 50 or so most recent videos are now offered in multiple download fomats and resolution is as high as 1280x720.
They appear to have remastered some of their more recent upates as well.
There is some decent chemistry between the performers.
They offer class3some, nude art and classic blowjob with your membership.


What you get with membership are very hot younger women (18-24 year-olds; mostly 18-19) paired up with older men (55-upper 70s; mostly late 60s-early 70s). The content, a combination of videos and photos, is organized around scenarios. The scenarios range from a girl seducing a man; to the man in a position of power and using it to seduce the girl; to light-hearted humor, but it's all just a pretext to get to the sex...which is very good. The juxtaposition of these girls (all top-shelf talent; mostly European) with these men is really hot, and it's all well-done. Maybe the only complaint I might have about it is that it's not pulse-pounding, hard-hitting sex...but on the other hand, these are some old dudes.


Whether natural old man vigor, or viagra powered these old geezers are hard and hung as they take to the 18+ pussy with care and sensuality. This isn't even a daddy style site, the mature men are all grandpa age, and use their experience to woo the girls with passion and care. Most scenes have an elegant style where they play into the oldman being naturally seduced by the young woman, until he gets with the program.
And many include a couple of seniors creating a threesome of old/young hardcore fantasy. Like a couple of grandads have their way with their in-home nurse, or some hobos sharing a young woman while camping. The production for these reality based scenes is top notch and the stories involved pull your imagination in for more horny thoughts.