Class 3some Reviews

The one on one action tends to be boring after a while, especially since you have probably viewed all the videos out there, just like me. The thing is, then you want to move onto threesomes, which is very good, as I have just found a site called class-3some, filled to the top with great content, all the most beautiful girls that get round to licking and sucking, and a few extra perks are involved, just read on.
The name does not lie, let me tell you, as when I’ve entered the site, I was welcomed by a very beautifully designed front page, one that does inspire you to stay, for quite some time. The first thing you see is a giant photo of girls lined up against a wall, their butts turned towards you, their legs spread, while a guys is holding two girls with his arms around their naked waists.

The adult business is sometimes seen with prejudice. With popular sites and companies focusing in rough performances, it is not unusual to see people advocating that the sex portrayed in porn movies have no relation to reality, and are bad representations of human sexuality. Class 3some has a simple yet classy layout. In the home page there is a neat banner with a montage of the girls in action. The scenes are presented in an individual banner, with a mosaic of the highlights of the respective scene and a brief description in between.
The models selected to perform in the group scenes are all European girls. Mostly slim and gracious, the girls can be commended in performing according to Class 3some propose, waking eye contact, smiling and making sure to show their bodies. All the videos have a single male performer fucking at least two girls.

There’s a trio for your testicles here, and it looks as though they have every movement down to a fine art of arousal! Class 3Some shares the hungry mouths, hard nipples, erect shafts and of course the excitement that will lead to an orgasm as well. They make promises throughout the tour, such as updates being done regularly, quality for videos and galleries being nice, and a bonus site included.

This site features really hot gals getting down and nasty with handsome men in those threesomes where the action gets wild.
Primary Niche: Group Sex
Secondary Niches: Hardcore Sex, General Porn

The presentation of the site here was okay but nothing more than that. I think it suffers a little bit from the fact that there was no index of the models on the site and also from the fact that there was no update information here. That said, it is a well designed site if nothing else and it was good to see the videos and galleries bunched together in the same updates. The content descriptions were pretty good as well, even if the thumbnails are rather chunky and can make browsing the collection slow work.
There were some pretty good options on the galleries and videos, however. Videos can be downloaded and streamed in WMV and Flash formats for the most part. You are not just restricted to the high definition 1280x720 versions as there are lower quality options available as well. The photo sets come with ZIP download options on both their low and high quality galleries as well.

The Class-3Somes have a clever fantasy to play on your imagination as to why these young women are fucking together. It's a fun setup and the men they are paired with are often older and/or in an authoritative situation. And with a good production behind it all, the mood is set for a hot FFM three-way.
There is slow escalation and sensuality applied in every scene. Lots of sexy kissing, cock sucking, caressing and tender care given from the girls – like they are not only sharing a man, they are sharing a lust. While one works on sucking his hard-on, the other indulges in deep french-kissing as his hands wonder over her soft breasts and plump ass.